M41.2008.03.01 Edit


34th Naval Detachment engages Vrool's Forces of Disorder


The Findhorn Orders cleanse the evil around the corrupted Cathedral

Having engineered a rift from the warp on Kraff, the forces of Lord Vrool struck. However, a warning from the crew of a rogue trader was received by the Twelvers and Imperial forces struck back. They managed to seal the breach, but the forces of disorder inflicted massive casaulties and secured vital objectives on the planetary surface.

However, Vrool's forces are now cut off, and he must either relieve or rescue them.

In Game Edit

The Battle of the Rift was played out at the TABS convention in Toronto on March 1, 2008. Fourteen players brought 50,000 points worth of Imperial and Chaos troops and played the game out in just under eleven hours. A magnificent game, where victory and defeat hung in the balance until the final minutes, when the heroic actions of one figure turned the tide.