The Capitol Edit

Also known as Port Blodsburg, Blodsburg is the capitol of the Agrippa Sector, Blodsburg was the site of the battles of the Thracksos Scandal and a few actions during the Fronde.

AstrographicalSystem: Bloodsburg System

Suns: 1 (ref: Blood Star)

Moons: 3

Rotation period: 29 hours

Orbital period: 444.17 days

Orbital Distance: 1.1 AU

Aestimare: A5

PhysicalWorld class: Hive World

Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius

Tech level: 13 - Average Stellar (holo/data storage)

Diameter: 14,240km

Gravity: 0.87 terra

Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix

Primary terrain: plains, ash wastes, water, mountains

Major cities: Bloodsburg City (842,200,000,000), Manufactorum District (23,549,000,000)

Minor cities: Merchant District (270,300,000), Agricultural Sector (64,500,000), Administrative Sector (57,400,000)

Orbital cities: Habitation Sphere 01 (60,000,000), Habitation Sphere 02 (59,100,000), Habitation Sphere 03 (58,540,000), Habitation Sphere 04 (58,030,000), Habitation Sphere 05 (57,781,000)

Population: 980,000,000,000 (including moons)

Points of interest: Governor’s Palace, Blodsburg CathedralSurface water: 25%

Official language: Low Gothic (lower class), High Gothic (upper class)

Major Imports: Food & Water, hundreds of trillions of unmarked currency, raw materials

Major Exports: Thousands of Blodsburg Guardsmen regiments, tens of thousands of warmachines, trillions in currency, hundreds of millions of manufactured goods

Indigenous Life forms: Small agile carnivores, birds, aquatic creatures, bipedal herbivores

Defenses:* macro cannons* laser silos* missile silos* 115k square kilometers of minefield* 12 defense satellites5 orbital batteries3 torpedo launchers* Ramilies Starfort (Fleet Command)* 2 system edge monitoring stations* 1 space station* 5 defense monitors* 12 system ships* 2 orbital docks* 5 habitation spheres

Blodsburg Garrison Strength: 19,913,600,000

Planetary draft: 1,740,000,000 per annum

Affiliation: Imperium

Planetary Description Edit

Insulated by layers of defenses, the citizenry of Bloodsburg felt largely untouchable by the horrors of the countless wars and campaigns that have engulfed the sector throughout its existence. Nonetheless, the threat of the enemy provoked numerous changes on Bloodsburg in the name of increased security. To support the needs and whims of the population, food and water from three agriworlds - two outside the system - are brought by cargo vessels numbering in the hundreds each year. Its dependence for food and water from so many other worlds make Bloodsburg very vulnerable to conquest by way of siege.Bloodsburg is a world constructed of a massive, jagged hive that stretches from one continent to another, essentially creating one massive supercontinent of factoriums, habs, munitorium store houses, and the many beurocratic spires that house Bloodsburg 's corrupt government. It has a liquid iron core, a strong magnetic field, and was volcanically active throughout its early history. What's left of its oceans contained hundreds of conical volcanoes built up by powerful vents in the crust. Many, though not all, of these spewed out superheated gases containing rich, pure precious metals from the planet's core. The very cones surrounding these vents were made up of layers of precious metals. It was these natural formations that provided the inhabitants of Bloodsburg with the almost inexhaustible wealth to guarantee the credit of the entire sector. Bloodsburg is also a world deluged by torrential rains, experiencing less than thirty days per standard rotation without precipitation. Bloodsburg is also rich in prime ore, as well as incredibly rare forms of crystals, called the Blood crystals, adding to its already considerable wealth.

Culture Edit

Tall, somewhat built people are famous for their financial acumen, mathematical genius, and more notably, their greed. Bloodsburg children can calculate complex formulas as quickly as most adults of other species. Bloodsburg’s typically looked at those outside their system as hot-tempered and immature and feel little guilt in exploiting them. They possess a drive to competition with other worlds and even among themselves. Their society follows a strict caste hierarchy. Higher castes are financiers, engineers, and diplomats. Common People rarely leave the system.

Religion Edit

Sometime after Lord General Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI arrival back into Agrippa space, and the Word of his Traditionalists doctrine were sent out to all available worlds, most notably the Sector's capital. The hundreds of thousands of missionaries sent to the capital had the daunting task of converting the worlds enormous population, but after a successful sixteen-year long religious crusade - including a five year religious war which had seven hundred million of the cities inhabitants rebel against the new/old religion, which had the Reformers pitted against the Traditionalists, the Reformers suffering millions of casualties, and were wipe out; Leaving the Traditionalists back in charge. The missionaries successfully managed to convert the world and its inhabitants. The inhabitants of Bloodsburg have always been considered a very religious lot.

Locations Edit

The greatest city on Bloodsburg is actually that of Bloodsburg City, as the entire planet is a giant ecumenopoleis. Numerous areas built from a series of Dark Age of Technology blueprints, Bloodsburg City has a population of more than 900 billion. Construction first began some sixteen thousand years ago sometime in the 24th millennium, and it was slowly built over almost the entire surface containing vast, monstrous hive spires, containing tens of billions of inhabitants each.Because of the importance and the location of the Bloodsburg system in the sector, ships in their hundreds travel through the system at a constant pace, and so on the surface of Bloodsburg, a Merchant District was constructed millennia ago, where those bringing trade to the system all concentrate with the local populace, and do business. The Merchant District - while compared to the population itself - is rather small, with a combined total population of only seventy million three hundred thousand.Because of Bloodsburg  City's exploding population, habitation spheres - which resembled spheres covered with grand gothic spires - were constructed in orbit of  Bloodsburg during the Dark Age of Technology millennia ago. They were found in orbits above several skyhooks. Each habitation sphere has comparible defenses to a small fortress.Built in the Arminiun Mountains to the north, the Manufactorum District is a massive industrial factory on Bloodsburg. The area lay relatively close to the Merchant District and is an immense manufacturing center for countless products. Currency, war materials, and countless exotic goods are all manufactored here to be sent out across the sector. Among the labour force is a large number of Ogryns.

Society and Law Edit

Because of the planets vast and overwhelming population, more than three quarters of the Bloodsburg citizens' movement has become restricted. However, in cases like this, many wealthy families tend to bribe officials into letting them relocate. Personal land ownership is extremely rare amongst the less wealthy classes. Land was originally held through the Bloodsburg ruling families.While their personal movement is restricted, Bloodsburg citizens still manage to enjoy greater level of personal wealth and quality of life than many citizens across the entire sector. The higher-than-normal level of technology present on the capital, for the most part, extends into the everyday lives of its citizens. While most living quarters tend to be cramped, thanks to the planets' major city being a ecumenopoleis, access to communications - while restricted to certain lengths of time per message, in a bid to help reduce the daunting amount of communications coming and going - are common in across the supercontinent.