Bloodsburg City2
The greatest city on Bloodsburg is actually that of Bloodsburg City, as the entire planet is a giant ecumenopoleis. Numerous areas built from a series of Dark Age of Technology blueprints, Bloodsburg City has a population of more than 900 billion. Construction first began some sixteen thousand years ago sometime in the 24th millennium, and it was slowly built over almost the entire surface containing vast, monstrous hive spires, containing tens of billions of inhabitants each.

Because of the importance and the location of the Bloodsburg system in the sector, ships in their hundreds travel through the system at a constant pace, and so on the surface of Bloodsburg, a Merchant District was constructed millennia ago, where those bringing trade to the system all concentrate with the local populace, and do business. The Merchant District - while compared to the population itself - is rather small, with a combined total population of only seventy million three hundred thousand.
Because of Bloodsburg  City's exploding population, habitation spheres - which resembled spheres covered with grand gothic spires - were constructed in orbit of  Bloodsburg during the Dark Age of Technology millennia ago. They were found in orbits above several skyhooks. Each habitation sphere has comparible defenses to a small fortress.

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