Rotation period: 34.5 hours

Orbital period: 780 days

Orbital Distance: 1.6 AU

Aestimare: D170


World class: Paradise World/Argiworld

Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius

Tech level: 13 - Average Stellar (holo/data storage)

Diameter: 8,320km

Gravity: 0.86 terra

Atmosphere: standard oxygen-nitrogen mix

Primary terrain: grassy fields, canyons, forests, mountains, oceans

Major cities: Bourgogne City (22 million) and Market District (18 million)

Minor cities: none

Population: 60,000,000

Points of interest: DeBourgone Palace, The Cathedral of The Joyous Choir, Fort Gamma, The Abbey of The Midnight Watch

Surface water: 70%

Official language: Old Gothic (lower class), Low Gothic (limited lower class), High Gothic (upper class)

Major Imports: small arms, munitions

Major Exports: Wine, food, durables, crystals, compounds, agroproducts, water

Indigenous Life forms: Fast, small, and sometimes deadly


  • 1 Space Station
  • 3 laser silos
  • 3 missile silos
  • 3 Imperial Guard Garrisons
  • Sisters of the Midnight Watch Garrison

Affiliation: House D’Hautville