Bourgogne City2
sing skywards from low wetlands and bordered by the glassy expanse of Esperance River, the capital of Bourgogne is as majestic as the lands it rules. Bourgogne City is a sprawling metropolis that covers a hundred square kilometers. Bourgogne City quickly developed into a den of pleasure and vice, as House DeBourgogne branched out and seized at the new opportunity. The city cluttering with hotels, brothels, and casinos, they catered to every whim of their clients, and soon incalculable wealth flowed through the city streets.

House DeBourgogne has established their own vision of a Romanesque paradise, a tradition fiercely maintained by the city planning council. Through the council, currently chaired byJulia Strophes (the wife of Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI ), the city is kept clean and imperious by an artfully forged agreement between architects and city workers.

The present city is an even blend of Imperial patriotism and political opportunism. Bourgogne City is a city alive with a sense of its own importance. Little is done in the Agrippa Sector that has not received the tacit approval of a DeBourgogne faction and even the Inquisition is rumored to have supporters inside these city walls. These complexities are accepted as facts of life by the citizenry, who view the elaborate games between rival powers both as traps best avoided and as simple facts of life in the capital.

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