Imperial Fortress World under the charge of the Penitent Trader Dynasty of D'Hautville. Current Regent is Adeline Conde D'Hautville

Climate: Temperate with vast alpine and boreal forest areas. Most of the planet is rural agri-bloc (see economy)

Continents: There are 3 continents not including the polar regions. The main continent known as the Dummonian Spine.

Economy: Dummonia has a powerful agri-base economy specializing in both bulk export food stock, fresh water, and luxury food stock produced by the famous Dummonian wine industry.

Specializations: Dummonia was awarded to the powerful D'Hautville trading dynasty as part of the fulfillment of a penitent mission for crimes unstated. As a result Dummonia has a significant spiritual base including a major Ordos Hereticus convent system known as the "Midnight Watch" whose main function has developed into selection and training of all the sector's sanctioned battle psykers.

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