Co-Centurio Cohors Sextius Miles Rufus Astartes Edit

Initial reports indicated Glaucas was captain of the sixth company of the Twelvers, but when he arrived at Beltagor's Deep he sharing the role with with Sarpedon. Reports also indicated that their company was double strength, serving to reinforce rumours that surviving brothers of the Victrix Astartes had been incorporated into the Twelvers.

Glaucas is famous for his voice, which is so loud that he undertakes a vow of silence in the chapterhouse so as to not disrupt his brother's devotions. It is said he is so loud he doesn't need a battlecomm to communicate with his men on the battlefield, he merely shouts what he wants them to do.

Obviously, the system works, as Glaucas came to be known as the Hammer of the Orcs in the Palatine and at Beltagor's Deep.