Vox Miles Rufus Astartes Edit

One of the peculiarites of the Twelvers is the position of Vox. Originating in the Time of Troubles the Vox served as a filter, keeping the conflict that racked the chapter from becoming general knowledge in the Imperium. At the time the Librarium was the only facet of the chapter that could be trusted with the role, and since then it has remained in the purview.

Over the millenia that have passed since its instantiation, the role changed from being one of propoganda to a diplomatic one. For all intents and purposes the Voice is the Twelvers' ambassador to whatever Imperial authorities they are currently working with.

Helenus has been the chapter's Voice for two centuries, and is a capable diplomat and agent of the chapter's policies. His role also extends to subtle and not so subtle espionage and politics. He engineered the taking of the Council of Houses during the Fronde, and established the Peace faction that eventually held sway at the end of the conflict.