Warhammer 40 000 cosplay for the emperor by alberti-d5kz0r7

Inquisitor Ange-Marie Hera

Warhammer inquisition team cosplay by alberti-d5oonji

Inquisitor Hera's Retinue.

Inquisitor Ange-Marie Hera was born on Blodsburg. He parents were active in the goverment and both served in Parliament for a number of years. An exceptional child with a genius-level IQ, Hera got her start in The Inquisition early. At the age of 13, she was sent off by her parents to train under Torquemada Coteaz at Nemesis Tessra. She served under Coteaz and quickly rose through the ranks, and at age 34 became a full Inquisitor in The Ordos Hereticus. It was in Hera's first year as Inquisitor that she meet General Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI on the world Medusa V. It has been rumored that she had an affair with Ray and some whisper that it may still be continuing to this day.

Inquisitor Hera is a mover and shaker in political circles. She stays involved in both the politics of Blodsburg and of The Imperium as a whole, and believes that a strong community leads to a strong regime. The Inquisitor indulges her brilliant mind by writing numerous treatises on the witch, herectic and mutant.