Terra Nova Planet Resource by Burning Liquid


The capitol of the Hibernia sub-sector, Hibernia is the only fully extant forge world in the Agrippa Sector. This made it a prime target of the forces of Morpheus Vrool during the XIII Black Crusade, and the attack was only fought off at great cost.

Of all the subsectors in the Agrippa Sector, Hibernia has risen to become the most powerful. The planet itself is populated by an honourable, stern people who fancy themselves as the ideal hard working model of the Imperial citizen. With a prosperous industrial base and a succession of good Governors, Hibernia has ascended to an economic level that rivals the Great Houses. With an equally comparable military and battlefleet of her own, Hibernia is seen as the champion of the provincial territories.

Located on the edge of the southern frontier, Hibernia has been nick named the “Cadia” of Agrippa. Standing as a bastion against the Chaos hordes of the south and the pirate raiders form the Havens, Hibernia is a fortified wall against the great enemy. The people of Hibernia are proud of their achievements and known for their stalwart resistance in the face of hopeless odds.