A New Inquisitor by graver13
House DeBourgogne is perhaps the most powerful House in the Agrippa Sector. For over 100 years, they ruled the Agrippa Sector through their puppets in the Great Houses and Blodsburg Parliament, and have had their way with the state. The House maintains its power by remaining relatively secretive throughout the years; despite its size and influence, relatively few know the power the House wields.

They originally seized power very simply; Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI was the only hope for House D'Hautville regaining its power in Parliament after the Anvil Trade War. Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI and other members of House DeBourgogne used Regent Elisse Conde first to gain power in House D’Hautville and later takeover the Blodsburg Parliament. Once their enemies were destroyed, and with the majority of the Hibernian backed Alliance dead, House DeBourgogne used moneys provided by the Strophes family to cement their influence at the top.

Once they had retreated from the public eye, House DeBourgogne became a very secretive society. They recruited members from the elite of the Agrippa Sector, and placed their own people in positions of power. The Sector's top bureaucrats all belonged to House DeBourgogne.

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