Imperial Expeditionary Force

High CommandEdit

Lord General Militant: Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI

Lord Admiral: Veda Winthrop

Lord Inquisitor: Torquemada Coteaz

Commissar-General: Sophie Tavernier

Imperial FleetEdit

Battlefleet Calixis: 5 Battleships, 25 Cruiser Squadrons, 50 Escort Squadrons

Ground Forces (Major Armed Units)Edit

Adeptus Astartes Space Marines

Blood Ravens

Miles Rufus Astartes 

The Black Templars Fighting Company Heinman

Imperial Guard

18th Imperial Guard Army Group

Adeptus Mechanicus

• Centurio Ordinatus - 2 Ordinatus

• Legio Crucius - Demi-Legio

• Legio Vulcus - Demi-Legio

• Legio Invigilata - Demi-Legio

• Legio Varga - Quarto-Legio

• Legio Golgotha - Quarto-Legio

• Skitarii - 12 Regiments

The InquisitionEdit

• Inquisitor Lord(CLASSIFIED)

• Inquisitors (CLASSIFIED)

• Dark Angels 5th Company

Sisters of the Midnight Watch

• 10 Squadrons of Inquisitorial Rapid Strike Vessels

• 50 Inquisitorial Storm Trooper Companies

• 5 Inquisitorial Blackships

• 5 Grey Knights Strike Cruiser

• 5 Demi-company Grey Knights

• 5 Deathwatch Strike Cruisers

• 5 Squadrons of Deathwatch Rapid Strike Vessels

• 5 Demi-company Deathwatch

• 25 regiments of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers

Adeptus ArbitesEdit

• 10 Punisher Class Strike Cruisers

• 10 Spaceborne Precincts

• 20 Deployable Precincts

Officio AssasinorumEdit


Officio SabatorumEdit

• 50 Agents

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