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Imperial Expeditionary Force FormedEdit

Calixis Sector

By Order of the Lord General Militant, a new Crusade Force will be formed of the Margin Crusade. 4 Crusade Armies will be formed and a 5th will be a mobile reserve. The Imperial Expeditionary Force will further divide Naval Forces into Fleets that will work along side the Crusade Armies.

Admiral Veda Winthrop named Lord AdmiralEdit

Calixis Sector

Admiral Veda Winthrop the most successful Admiral in the Calixis Sector was named Lord Admiral and Second to deBourgogne Ray XVI. Lord Admiral Winthrop said after his promotion “I look forward to assisting the Crusade into the Halos Stars”.

High Confessor Corvinus removed from command; Too be executed in the morningEdit

Halo Stars

High Confessor Corvinus and most of his staff was found wanting in there command of the Margin Crusade and will be executed in the morning. The Lord General Militant said “Corvinus and his staff’s tactical ineptitude has cost the Imperium thousands of lives and Millions of Thrones and achieved little. There can be no mercy for there failure.”

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz joins CrusadeEdit


Halo Stars

All Information Sealed By Order of the Inquisition

Operation Icarus BeginsEdit


Halo Stars - Agrippa Sector

Imperial Navy Forces begin Operation Icarus. Crippling Chaos and Xenos Fleets operating in The Pirate Havens. High command considers the operation a success with Chaos and Xenos attacks on Imperial ships have been cut in ½.

Imperial Forces continue to sweep The Pirate Havens of Chaos and Xenos Fleets and their hidden bases. Imperial Guard forces have landed on the asteroid named Faith by priets and are now building a firebase there.

18th Imperial Army Group Lands On Bastion RockEdit


Halo Stars - Agrippa Sector

The 18th Imperial Guard Army Group has landed forces on the world of Bastion Rock and is engaged with Chaos Forces. Three drop zones have been taken and Guard forces are pushing out from there drop zones to the main engagement areas.

The Pagonia and The Nevermore Line OffensiveEdit


Bastion Rock - Agrippa Sector

The 18th offensive at The Pagonia Line was based upon the principle of simultaneous attacks. In this operation, all arms were operating simultaneously along a broad front. Armored units were placed in the center or near it, attacking high payoff targets using close and combined arms maneuvers with tanks. Field reconnaissance, special operation and other specialized functions were performed simultaneously. Thus, all the available offensive combat power was applied against the enemy throughout the depth and breadth of the battlefield. Armored units plowed through the center, creating one or more breaches that was exploited by swifter units. Skirmishers were sent to the flanks to divert the enemy's attention and tie up its reserves. Finally, indirect fire ensured that the enemy forces had nowhere to retreat to. The enemy commander was presented with an unenviable dilemma of having to react to multiple threats that overwhelmed his ability to cope with the battlefield situation. Thus conditions where created where the enemy had no place to hide and no time to rest.


The 18th offensive on The Nevermore Line begain with Artillery and engineers cutting a swath through the minefields that was between the 18th and its objective. Next, the armored units supported by air regiments attacked in an effort to punch a hole in the enemy line. Lord General Militant Ray XVI was fond of mobile warfare and was an expert at overrunning opponents and exploiting weakness in the enemy's defenses. Once the defense line was breached, armored units held in reserve made a breakthrough and outflanked the enemy's position. While all this was going on, Storm Troopers armed with anti-armor weapons waded into what remained of the enemy's armored units. The infantry had taken positions near the heavy artillery and the command post. Once the breach was created, they joined the fight taking the enemy positions on the Nevermore Line one by one.


With the Chaos forces counterattacking on the Nevermore Line, the 18th defensive doctrine was to use multiple lines of infantry and storm troopers supported by artillery. The armored regiments were kept back in order to counterattack locally and bolster the lines of defense, fighter aircraft would fly ground attack and air superiority missions.

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The problem with this rigid line of defense was that it was difficult to mount an effective counterattack due to the confusion and loss of maneuverability created by a high concentration of mixed troops.


To remedy this, Ray XVI used the concept of elastic defense. To be effective, his units had a high concentration of mobile units. Once the battle was underway, the 18th mounted small local counterattacks with storm troopers and armor to probe for weak spots in the attacker's line. Once the generalized strike order was given, the 18th moved as one and in a very short time went on a massive counter-offensive.

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The tactic's main drawback was that any unit that didn't respond quickly find itself crushed under the treads of friendly armor. The end result was a high number of casualties on both sides.

Bastion Rock NukedEdit


Bastion Rock - Agrippa Sector

The Lord General Militant ordered a full-scale nuclear attack on the enemy, consisting of large numbers of Deathstrike missiles armed with Nuclear weapons aimed at military, economic and civilian targets. The attack has destroyed the entire economic, social, and military infrastructure of Bastion Rock.

Trade Lane From Calixis To Agrippa ReopenedEdit


Halo Stars - Agrippa Sector

With the taking of Bastion Rock trade lanes from Calixis to Agrippa have now been reopened. Already the worlds of Dummonia and Bourgogne have started shipping wine and other goods to the Calixis Sector.

Lord General Militant named Governor-Militant of The Agrippa SectorEdit

Med gallery 959 5 219505

The Lord General with the Inquisition, Red Guard and 50+ Sisters of the Midnight Watch lead a short but bloody purge of parliament. Killing all the Alliance parliament members, the Lord General has now been named Governor-Militant of The Agrippa Sector.

The Invasion of Cathedral IEdit

Cathedral I

The Imperial Expeditionary Force has begin the Invasion of Cathedal I. Already the Adeptus Astartes Space Marines of the Miles Rufus Astartes, Black Templars and the Dark Angels 5th Company have landed and set up Fire Bases for the Main Force.

The Blood Ravens Joins The CrusadeEdit

Deployment by guywiththesuitcase-d603q8b

Blodsburg - Agrippa Sector

The Lord General Militant informed the Parliament today, that the Blood Ravens Space Marines have arrived in the Agrippa Sector. The Lord General Militant said "They will be adding their fire power too the crusade and soon the enemies of the Emperor will feel their wrath".

Blood Ravens Attack Tau On InkionEdit

 Inkion - Agrippa Sector

The Tau free trade port on the world of Inkion was been totally destroyed by the forces of the Blood Ravens. The Lord General Militant told Parliament that the Tau will no longer be tolerated and the forces of the Blood Ravens will soon clean the Aachen Subsector of their presents.

Blood Ravens Begin Crusade In The Aachen SubsectorEdit

Anvil - Agrippa Sector

Strike by SpOoKy777

The Blood Ravens have begin an attack on the world of Anvil; the opening start to the Crusade in the Aachen Subsector. Already the Tau have been forced too withdraw from Anvil with heavy losses.

Hibernia Attacked By The Forces Of Chaos; Imperial Counter-Offensive UnderwayEdit

Hibernia - Agrippa Sector

13th Black Crusade
The Forces of Chaos have begain a major attack on the world of Hibernia; Lord General Militant Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI ordered that the forces deployed to Cathedral I be redeployed to Hibernia and the launching of a massive counter-offensive against the fleet and ground forces of Chaos.

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