Warhammer40k Wallpaper
D-0:22 First squadron, led by the Divine Right jumps into the Cathedral I system. Followed by the rest of the Fleet.

D-0:06 Fleet assembles in Battle Order and begins combat with Chaos Warships.

D+0:00 Primary Space Marine waves (Miles Rufus Astartes, Black Templars and the Dark Angels 5th Company) begin drop.

D+0:02 The destroyer Lionheart is the first casualty of intensifying fire from the Chaos Fleet.

D+0:04 Primary Space Marine waves complete. The first cruiser to be lost to the Chaos Fleet is the Manchuria. It rams the Chaos Heavy Cruiser Death Kippur, destroying both vessels.

D+0:05 Secondary waves made up of the18th Imperial Guard Army Group and Sisters of the Midnight Watch begin drop.

D+0:08 Primary Space Marine waves land in assigned Drop Zones Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Space Marines begin deployment and securing of beachheads almost immediately.

D+0:10 Space Marines engage initial targets with atomics. Primary targets are Chaos plasma batteries. However, Captains in the Fleet have already begun to note that the heaviest concentrations of plasma barrages are coming from areas outside the designated Drop Zones.

D+0:12 First contact with massed Chaos forces. Initial Space Marine casualties are light. Tertiary IG waves begin drop.

D+0:13 Secondary IG and Sisters waves land.

D+0:16 Chaos Space Marines begin massing in large numbers, far in excess of expectations of Military Intelligence. First major battles between between Chaos Forces and the IEF.

D+0:20 Tertiary IG waves land and begin deployment. This completes the initial invasion force, within twenty minutes over three million troops have been deployed from orbit directly into the battle area.

D+0:24 Number of Chaos Space Marines in main engagment zones begin to increase. Space Marines and Storm Trooper platoons, deployed as kill teams outside of the Drop Zones, begin to report massed Chaos Forces in their areas. IG casualties at this point is only three hundred thousand.

D+0:26 Acknowledging that Chaos resistance is both heavier and better co-ordinated than expected, Lord General Militant Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI has Commissar-General Sophie Tavernier purge the whole of Military Intelligence. The Lord General Militant orders a General Attack, Army commanders are ordered to push forward and take the Hive City in their engagment zones.

D+0:38 The Fleet has suffered heavily with over a dozen capital ships lost and many more seriously damaged. But the Chaos Fleet is all but destroyed, the IEF is now in control of the space above Cathedral I.

D+1 The 18th Imperial Guard Army Group begins the siege of Hives Healfdene, Altesund and Alechen.

D+30 The Guard has dig in, constructing huge siege lines made up of treches supported by bunkers and bastions. The toll of casualties and influx of new recruits run into the millions daily.

D+1yr The Hive Citys of Healfdene, Altesund and Alachen have been taken by the force of The Space Marines and Imperial Guard. At Fort Etienne The Sisters of The Midnight Watch burned over 1 million heretics. The forces of the IEF are now preparing to push further into the countryside.

D+2yrs 50% of The Continents of Grendel's Bane, Odenserland and Vorbote are under Imperial control. The Lord General Militant orders that the Hive Citys that are controlled by the enemy are too be laid siege and the population starved to death.

D+3yrs 75% of Grendel's Bane, Odenserland and Vorbote are under Imperial control. Millions have died inside the Hive Citys from starvation.

D+3 1/2Yrs The Main Force of The IEF is forced to withdrew due too the invasion of Hibernia. The forces that are left on the world are hard-pressed to keep the ground already won.

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