Julia Strophes Ray

A hostess beyond compare and a head member of The Masqued Cult, Julia Strophes Ray is a classically beautiful auburn-haired woman in her mid-thirties. Julia is a devotee of The Slaanesh cult called The Masqued; that revel in licentious, debauched behaviour and delight in extremes of falsehood and mendacity. The Daughter of Laurent Strophes, Julia is immensely influential member of house Strophes and deBourgogne’s community and the power behind her husband. She has spread the worship of Slaanesh far and wide as the head of The Masqued. Lord General Militant Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI is aware of his wifes activates but regards it as a "dilettant order", a grouping of deviants rather than an active threat. She is also the head of The Joyous Choir, a Slaanesh cult that hinds its shelf as a cult of the Emperor.

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