Centurio Cohors Primus Miles Rufus Astartes, Legatus Edit

Korvus is the Legate of the Twelvers, the youngest man ever elected to the position, and the architect of the chapter's migration to the Agrippa Sector.

He has only fielded in battleonce since arriving in the Sector. But on that occasion he played a key role, dropping with the First Company to cut off the Eldar retreat from the Battle of Amun Tower.

This served to establish his military credentials, but the Legate's role places Korvus under severe restrictions, and he often says of his position, "they also serve who stand and wait."

Though waiting does not describe the tasks demanded of him: the building of a chapterhouse on Ignatius and the establishment of a colony for refugees from the Scylla wars there. Relocating the chapter entire from the south of the Imperium of man, establishing forges, orbital stations and defences, and replacemening for those fallen in battle are only a few more of the tasks that fall to his hand.

The work may not be glorious, but without it the Twelvers would not be capable of acting in the defense of their new home, or pursuing their quest.

Thus, it easily be seen that, achieving those ends is the only reward he desires.