432px-Armageddon by StTheo
The Margin Crusade into the Halos Stars was launched
following ratifying of the Lex Corvinus by the Great Synod Segmentum thirty years ago. This bull granted the power to raise a war of faith under the auspices of High Confessor Corvinus of Thracian Primaris and called upon the Sectors Scarus, Calixis and Ixaniad to provide the means. In the subsequent decades, the Crusade made scant progress and slowly exhausted itself, boiling away beyond the borders of Calixian space, far beyond the frontier world of Kalf. The Crusade continues to demand regiments from Lord Sector Hax, and he reluctantly supplies troops from the worlds of Calixis under the proviso that surviving veteran regiments are returned after a span of service before fresh meat is fed to the grinder. The war is a diverse and bloody affair, bogged down by the vagaries of warp travel and the tactical ineptitude of those in charge, achieving little despite thousands of lives spent and the continued admonitions of its controlling priests.

High Confessor Corvinus and most of his staff were found wanting in there command of the Margin Crusade and executed. The Lord General Militant said “Corvinus and his staff’s tactical ineptitude has cost the Imperium thousands of lives and Millions of Thrones and achieved little. There can be no mercy for their failure.” By Order of the Lord General Militant, a new Crusade Force was formed of the Margin Crusade and begin a march into the Agrippa Sector.

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