Myers Sappers

Statistical Information

General Background

Statistical Information

Recruitment Zone: Myers Hill

Beating Order: Amalgamated into the Dukas Legion 419001 M42

No. of Active Companies: na

No. of Battalions: na

Class: Capital Establishment

Commanding Officer: Colonel Tarleton

Dukas Legion Colours

Post Amalgamation Battle Honours:

Litha (Gibsum's Waaagh)

Arthos (Scylla Crusade)

Kali (Scylla Crusade)

Battle of the Pyramids (Scylla Crusade)

Kali-Amyaans (Scylla Crusade)

General Background

Probably the least well known of the Dukas related regiments, the Myer's Hill Sappers Regiment normally consists of between eight and ten battalions. Usually only one battalion is on Imperial service, and that battalion receives the best equipment. The other battalions serve as militia, providing training and replacements throughout the House Dukas service. The "Imperial Battalion" consists of five companies, two in AFVs (Chimeras) as mechanized infantry, and two in trucks. The three truck mounted companies often serve as a main battleline for Guard forces, while the AFV mounted Alpha and Beta companies form a mechanized reserve or are penny-packeted throughout an IG force as Armoured Fist squads.

The Sappers have an unusually high proportion of skilled engineers and pioneers, mostly veterans of the mining operations in their native system. In addition, they excel at Cold Weather fighting, and often act as mountain troops in Agrippa Sector. Their distinctive long coats and fur busbies reflect the weather of the planet where they were raised.

Sappers often have detachments skilled in 0-Gee fighting. Many miners from the Myer's Hill system have served aboard small system ships working the ores in the rubble of the destroyed planet in ring four (see Myer's Hill Survey, Imperial Xeno Archive 634x5r12546kl.4, by Conrad Myer, for his speculation on the weapon used to destroy the planet sometime before M19.)

The MHS currently has two companies incorporated in the Dukas Legion fighting in Scylla. The rest of the formation is on Imperial Service in Gothic Sector. The reserve battalions are stationed throughout Blodsburg Sub-Sector; indeed, Alpha Company of 3rd battalion was destroyed in fighting in Blodsburg Hive.

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