Warhammer 40,000 - Tau Empire Tribute07:30

Warhammer 40,000 - Tau Empire Tribute

Warhammer 40k tau by nanya-d47a7k8


The newest and possibly largest threat to the Imperium in the Agrippa Sector is the new Tau enclave led by senior Aun'O'Tau'J'Kaara'Tau'va. Along with several dynamic Tau cadres the Enclave of Agrippa has spread alarmingly fast, taking over a number of important Imperial worlds in the Aachen subsector and now spilling alarmingly close to the capital of Blodsburg.

The Tau appeared in Agrippa quite by accident and much to the surprise of everyone. With their home worlds located at the opposite end of the galaxy their sudden arrival raised considerable panic. It was soon discovered that renewed activity in the Morpheus Tempestus during the prelude to the 13th Black Crusade, caused a rippling of warp storm activity across the sector.

The Sethnor gate in the Aachen suffered a period of instability, fading out and flaring dangerously with warp activity. In one such sudden burst, the Tau were transplanted light years away to find themselves lost in the Agrippa Sector. Since their arrival the Sethnor gate that carried them has been stabilized but closed by the Eldar who fear allowing more Tau to arrive would threaten their hold on the seed worlds in Aachen.

However, the Tau has managed quite well without access to their homes and has managed to replicate their technology by setting up production on the worlds now in their possession. Imperial opinions on the Tau are somewhat divided. Some even espouse adopting the Tau religion of the “Greater Good”. Of all the Xenos races in Agrippa they are the most moderate, and even honourable. As allies in the Hibernian war, they proved invaluable.

On the other end of the spectrum is the opinion of the vast majority of the Imperium who see them as ruthless invaders. As foes they are clever and tricky to deal with. Their rapid encroachment and cruelty during the Anvil campaign has shown that they are a very real threat, bent on a schema of sector wide domination.

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