The Pirate Havens is the name given to a vast asteroid sea that borders the south subsector of Hibernia.

The Havens are notorious for pirates as the density and size of the asteroid sea makes them near impossible to police. In addition their proximity to Chaos held systems make them a hotbed of illegal hostile activity.

Early in the history of the sector, the Imperial Navy abandoned the attempt to patrol the area and set-up a series of fortifications known as the Cathedral Bastion. In addition, the Black Razors chapter has attempted to take on the daunting task of policing and protecting Imperial worlds from raiders. However, during the 13th Black Crusade, the area was overrun and destroyed by Chaos. The Black Razors have not been heard from since that time.

It is interesting to note that the Havens forms one of the largest asteroid fields in existence and is said to stretch light years in mass. It has been rumoured that to successfully navigate through the field results in connecting Imperial space with the Agrippa Sector bypassing the heavily regulated Slann Warp Gate near Severus. Most sane navigators and captains consider this to be foolish. Regardless, authorities claim that sizable amounts of contraband goods flow through the black market of the Havens, making their way to the hives of Agrippa.

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