Praepositus Cohors Tertius Miles Rufus Astartes Edit

The breaking of the siege of Hive Secundus on Hibernia was devestating to the third company. Hector was critically injured in the initial drop by Lord Perdita, and his chalain fell days later.

When the forces of the Ruinous Powers made their final breakout attempt at the spaceport, the third company was commanded by Pius, the new and very young chaplain.

But when it was over, and those present, marines or guardsmen, recounted that he had fought as a man possessed, and his words had not been mere rote recitations of newly learned chants, but fire that carried them through their trial.

Pius is also one of the many witnesses of the appearance of the Golden Child over the carnage of the battlefield. But unlike the others, it is said that he caught the tears that fell from the Child's eyes on those below. Since that day he has borne a crystal vial bearing a few clear drops, bearing out the rumour.

This has cemented his faith in the Chapter's cult. But the the Child was also seen by Tau and Eldar, and seemed to catch up the souls of all, and this has shaken his belief in many of the precepts of the Ecclesiarchy.