Dominus Basilica, Praepositus Cohors Secundus Miles Rufus Astartes Edit

While the chaplain of the first company of a space marine chapter is indicated as the Master of the Chapel in the codices of the Adeptus Astartes, the Twelvers show another small peculiarity in this area, and the responsibilities for the acts of the Chapel are split into a religious role and an administrative one.

While this is another artifact of the schisms of the Time of Troubles, it has proved successful. The chaplain of the first company is the Eldest, and restricts himself of performing the chapter's rituals. The chaplain of the second company serves as the Master of the Chapel.

This role is in the hands of Secundus, considered by many to be the architect of the chapter's resurgence under Korvus. It is a fact the Legate was Secundus' protege, and that to all eyes they appear a united front.

But while Korvus accepts the neccessity that he must allow others to do the fighting, Secundus is not so sanguine, and has served at the front of the Chapter's forces in Scylla, Blodsburg, and Hibernia.

However, Priam, the Eldest is beyond ancient, and many feel it is only a matter of time before Secundus must sacrifice his love of battle on the altar of the Chapter's traditions.