Warhammer imperia justice by alberti-d425zdx

Regent Elisse Conde

The Regent of House D’Hautville, Elisse Conde is one of the best-connected and well-informed people in Blodsburg. A master of the social scene, she attends all the best parties and has the ear of most cabinet ministers on a wide variety of topics. Despite the width of her connections, however, Conde is not infallible. She has a love for well-constructed schemes and a weakness for deviously charming men. Her two current concerns reflect these weaknesses all too well. Indeed, Victor deBourgogne Ray XVI used her to become Governor-Militant and has now disposed of her. Furious at herself for letting Ray use her, Conde has vowed revenge and is actively searching for ways to undermine him.
Warhammer 40000 high nobility by alberti-d3elg99

Regent Elisse Conde outside of the Blodsburg Parliament

In terms of foreign policy, Conde is pushing for a more aggressive stance against the Tau in the Aachen Sub-Sector. She has surmised that the political turmoil in Blodsburg (based largely on religious issues) is subsiding. As such, she feels that the time to strike is now, before the Tau has time to prepare itself or the Imperium has time to fall apart.

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