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Chaos Rising Theme 2

Warhammer 40k tribute chaos space marine by pierreloyvet-d5ayjg5
The Speartip Alliance is a group of Chaos lords, along with several allied races, founded during the recent war on Medusa V. The Alliance fought strongly in the campaign with its Commander, Lucius the Eternal, having at one time, the highest number of kills in the region of Edethor.



This was the Speartips first campaign. The forces of Chaos came together under the banner of Wokeg, Gaius Julius and Lucius the Eternal to take on the forces of order. In the end, under the command of warmaster Lucius, the Speartip managed to destroy the hive city of Sybilla Tertius in the Edethor sector by summoning the long imprisioned deamon lord of fear... Pazarzu. In the end, the planet was sucked into the warp but the Speartip had become feared and hated accross the universe and a legend was born.


Legends tell of the Daemon being created by the emotion of fear, and its appearance being made up of the collective echoes of fear from Creatures for light-years around it. Most commonly it takes the form of a monstrous reptilian, with a pair of deep black wings that can block out the light of sun and moon for literally miles around. Its clawed limbs wind and twist as if they had a mind of their own, stronger than adamantium and yet not constrained by any form of bone or cartilage. Each second a thousand holes form in its body and pour out dark liquor, only to close again and reform elsewhere. A Dark shadow surrounds Pazarzu and no part of it can ever be seen clearly for its shape or purpose, its voice emanates from all directions at once and inspires fear and despair from the first word whilst its head constantly moves around its torso, being one minute on its neck and the nest on its chest. However, the danger of Pazarzu comes not from any psychic powers, nor does it come from poison or the moral damage it causes. For Pazarzu is the Master of Fear, and refuses to be bested in combat by anything else that may walk upon the soil of a Planet that it has claimed.

Agrippa Sector

Warmaster Abaddon himshelf has ordered The Speartip Alliance to the Agrippa Sector and enforce his will (Lord Proust who he had sent earlier failed). The Speartip Alliance had already begain reinforcing Morpheus Vrool forces in the Hibernia Subsector.

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