From: Lord Inquisitor Kelvin, Terra

To: Grand Inquisitor Torchia, Agrippa Sector

Subject: Indra Daeva

Encryption Scheme: Omega Three Prime

Grand Inquisitor

May the Emperor’s light shine forever.

I deeply regret that this epistle carries word of bad tidings. I fear that you may be faced with a new enemy, perhaps in your very midst. To arm you against this enemy my minions have scoured the archives for the information that follows. I pray to our Holy Emperor that you may find it both timely and relevant.

According to the Apocrypha of Javier, when the Rubric of Ahriman was done, and Ahriman and his Cabal cast out, they were scattered across the stars in search of understanding and insight by the Lord of Sorcery. Among the mightiest of the conspirators was one known as Indra. A contemporary of Ahriman’s, he was better known as Indra Vayu before the treacherous Thousand Sons were cast down by the Emperor. Even then he was reknowned for his might in battle and insight into the minds of men. But his deeds since the Heresy and the Rubric have earned him another name, Indra Daeva. His greatest strength is a mastery of turning men’s minds and bodies from righteousness to apostasy, treachery, and heresy.

It is said he mastered this art as revenge for the perceived betrayal the Emperor visited upon his brethren, so that his father would feel its sting as sharply as they. No doubt if the Emperor would speak on the matter he would weep, for the count of those who have fallen prey to his schemes is beyond numbering, and the dead beyond imagination.

Canoness Helen Asura, one of the few to survive his regard with her faith and life intact, described him as follows, “He is made like a man of giant size yet still beautiful and of perfect proportion, and his form seems to radiate an aura of purity and truth. But beneath lies the soul of a serpent, and all that passes his lips are lies.”

Like his master Indra’s path is as mysterious and twisted. Many are the Inquisitors who have attempted to follow his trail, and to this date all have failed, or fallen in the attempt. Foremost among those who have hunted this beast was Inquisitor Terius Priapes, who fell less than a century ago. Interrogations of his followers after his death tell this tale.

Trapped on Darius III, their master, the hunter, had become the hunted. But Priapes laid a trap so that his death, which he perceived to be imminent, would not be for naught. When Indra plunged his demon sword into Priapes chest a spell of unbinding was unleashed, and the demon trapped within the blade was set free. It tore at Indra’s face, scarring the flesh and tearing out the sorceror’s mortal eyes, before being driven off.

Since that time Indra has not been seen, though rumours of his presence abound, of words whispered in ears by a man in a golden mask, deceptions and temptations, and of course, ruin. But we have managed to find a clue, and believe Indra’s destination to be the Agrippa Sector. Indeed, he may already be there. A source has revealed he desires something referred to as the “Child”, which we note from the reports filed was recently seen in the Agrippa Sector.

I cannot warn you strongly enough of the danger Indra presents to the Imperium of Man, and warn you to act decisively to guard against this threat. And this is without considering his battlefield forces, which historically Indra has used sparingly. I can only wish you the best of fortune in meeting this new foe in your time of troubles.

Gloria Imperator Universalis

Lord Inquisitor Kelvin

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