Fenn Armour Regiment

Statistical Information

General Background

Uniform & Insignia

Heros of the Fenn Armour

Statistical Information

Recruitment Zone: Fenn and House White Dependencies

Beating Order: 411 M32 Reraised 298 M38

No. of Active Companies: 634

No. of Battalions: 25

Class: Capital Establishment

Commanding Officer: High Lord Patriarch of House White

Colours of the Fenn Armour Regiment

Battle Honours:

Sephron (19th Agrippa War)

Cleansing of Sethnor (19th Agrippa War)

Globalus (Liliacae Heresey)

Thon (Liliacae Heresy)

Urban V (Saviolo Crusade)

Metalicus (Saviolo Crusade)

Icewind (Saviolo Crusade)

Severus (23rd Agrippa War)

Netheria (3rd War for Armageddon)

Severus (Gibsum's Waagh)

Fort Lougheed (Gibsum's Waagh)

Litha (Gibsum's Waaagh)

Arthos (Gibsum's Waagh)

Kali (Scylla Crusade)

Kaliegh (Scylla Crusade)

General Background

Directed under the authority of House White the Fenn Armour Regiment is the sectors primary armored support regiment. Consisting predominately of armored companies this regiment is also the only regiment in the sector to include Adeptus Mechanicus super heavy tanks, which are integrated into regimental companies. As a result of this special arrangement with the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars, no other regiment in the Imperial Guard of this sector has been permitted to operate super heavies. Any guard regiment in need of these war machines must apply to the Fenn Armour for exile support.

Due to the exceptionally large degree of mechanized technology in the regiment, the Fenn is the sector's most expensive regiment to maintain. House White receives a special Blodsburg grant from taxes applied to all the other trading houses, however many are critical of a system alleged to be corrupt and gives the House a lucrative advantage in armed resource trading. Regardless the regiment itself has an exceptional combat record and is invaluable for armored support during wartime thus keeping any vocal protest to a bitter mumbling in the halls of the great council.

The regiment can also trace its past back as far as the 19th Agrippa War where it was first raised as a single experimental armored corps. Since then it has grown into 634 companies with enough variance that the regiment can respond to any combat condition.

Despite the bulk and range of the regiments makeup each of the individual armored companies are chronicled under one of the following classifications:


Hussar companies are designed to be armored recon and support companies and are made up from the standard Imperial Guard codex army list. These companies include Infantry elements and rely on salamander scout vehicles and sentinels to sustain their reconnaissance and patrol roles. In support of the infantry and scout elements a variety of armored templates are used, the majority being the Russ (Fenn MK IV and Khrengrad) pattern tanks. A Bane Blade (Scythian pattern) super heavy usually supports the command section.


Dragoon companies are drawn up by the codex armored company army list. The exclusive use of armored companies forms the backbone for the regiment. Often a specific section of the company will have Basilisk support and the command section usually has one or two Bane Blade super heavies to back the regular sections. These combined with the regular template configurations and elite sections packs a formidable punch.


Heavy Support companies are standard codex company army list configurations with an emphasis on heavy artillery and/or Titan Killer capabilities. In these companies one finds Basilisk, Manticore, Hydra and Shadow Sword pattern super heavies for the express purpose raining heavy artillery on the enemy and supporting other company roles within the regiment.

Adeptus Mechanicus Golgotha

Rarest of the Fenn Armour Companies are those run exclusively by representatives from the Cult of the Machine from the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars. These companies consist exclusively of Titan Princeps, super heavy tanks and other mega Adeptus Mechanicus war machines.

Elite Sections

It should also be noted that each of the company types listed also often have a dedicated Storm Trooper, Ratling, or Orgyn (or sometimes all three) section for the express purpose of close assault and elite infantry support.

Uniform & Insignia

The regimental colours of the Fenn regiment is a yellow and black Germania quartered with the Imperial eagle cypher in the centre quarter crossed by bombs and armored fists. The top mottoe reads FENN ARMOUR whilst the bottom, PAX IMPERIALIS.

Individual companies have been permitted their own colours being standardized since the 23rd Agrippa War so long as they follow the same configuration as the regimental standard save for the quartered cross and include a background of black and yellow on the Imperial eagle cypher at the centre. Some of the older company colours still survive and usually consist of a black and white checkered back with a cypher in the centre. The checkered pattern is a throw back to references to House White. An ecclesiastic bull issued during the 23rd "A" war banned any direct allusions to House White at which time the majority of the companies changed to the new pattern colour.

All tanks receive a standard factory codex paint scheme of a dark grey and are encouraged to keep this uniformity unless the particular company serves a special purpose. For example the 223rd Hussar company, otherwise known as the "Desert Katz" has permission to a permanent desert camouflage pattern to support their particular talent.

In addition the standard Infantry and tank crew regiment uniform consists of Armageddon pattern copied from the Steel Legion of that planet differentiated by the Agrippa Fenn dark grey or black rather than Kaki. Although the Armageddon pattern uniform makes the bulk of the Fenn Armour uniform, several companies have successfully broken from the standard to seek permission to use the older Cadian pattern uniform again in dark grey or black. Specialty companies such as the "Desert Katz" or the 12th Dragoon "Snow Dogs" have naturally adopted uniform equipment corresponding to their specialty combat conditions. However, all companies are expected to keep the standard grey or black Armageddon pattern for parade usage.

Heros of the Fenn Armour As one of the oldest and largest of the Imperial Guard regiments in the Agrippa Sector, the Fenn Armour have been involved with almost every major conflict within and outside the sector.

With a history spanning as far back to the days of the sectors founding volumes could be written about this formidable regiment. Thus we shall only focus on some of the regiments most recent expoilts and characters.

Early History

Raised for the 19th war as an experimental armoured corps the regiment was not fully incorporated into the Capital Establishment until the 38th millennium. Before that time the regiment was pretty much a house army owned and operated by the famous House White as part of the infamously unsuccessful trader levy system. Leading up to the 23rd Agrippa War steps were taken to standardize a standing sector army and take away some of the influence from the various trader houses who tended to use the regiments as "private" armies.

Today the Fenn is still unofficially a house White regiment but with its sophistication and professional history it has become one of the premium standing regiments of the Capital establishment. The Blodsburg government has come to rely on this regiment in almost every armed conflict to threaten the peace and glory of the Emperor of Man's supremacy.

The 223 Hussars (Desert Katz)

Deployed out of the sector in the neighboring Saviolo sector the 223rd regiment distinguished itself on the desert world of Urban IV. In a inspiring display of strategic ingenuity the Katz exploited the sector Navy orbital barrages and bomber strikes to take the planet in a record 335 rotations with little loss to themselves and against a insurrectionist army of superior numbers.

Adapting to the almost deathworld desert conditions the company became famous for its clever offensive in the often challenging dune sea environment. As sand and heat grounded many of the armoured vehicles, the engineers and tech priests of the company rigged variations on the template allowing them to out maneuver and outflank their enemy with speed and surprise.

When the rebels of Urban IV finally capitulated it was clear they were demoralized, immobilized and outmatched by the deadly Katz whose skill and fame eventually won back the respect of the native warrior population.

The 12th Dragoons (Snow Dogs)

On the windswept moon nicknamed "Icewind", during the Saviolo crusade, the Dogs earned their namesake for the special adaptation to polar wilderness warfare. After a long and bitter campaign that lasted almost three years the Dogs among other out of sector Imperial Guard regiments succeeded in cornering rebels in their capital settlement. However, it was the Dogs artillery bombardments that kept the siege short with the ingenious use of "ice" bunkers.

While the defenders pounded the Dog's massive ice castles and bastions surrounding the city, the frequent ice storms served to easily patch any damage allowing Dog's Earthshaker guns to reduce the city walls for a glorious assault. In the middle of a blizzard, it was the Dog's forlorn hope that took the city and secured Icewind for the Imperium.

As a result of the campaign on Icewind the regiment continues to specialize in Alpine and Arctic conditions, even keeping a small contingent of "Ski-Tank" variations on the Chimera STC.

Princeps Viveus, Adeptus Mechanicus Golgotha

Titans were very much favored as weapons during the early founding of the sector but fell out of use due to their maintenance and the lack of skill to operate them during the Age of Strife.. When the Imperium had a firm control over all the subsectors of the Agrippa Sector, the old titans were taken out of storage and reintroduced with the funding and attention of of House White. While not officially a part of the Fenn Armour these rare weapons of mass destruction have been connected with the regiment since the 19th Agrippa War.

During this conflict and the Fenn's debut, Princeps Viveus and the titan "Benevola Imperius" were instrumental in reducing the H'ro Seth Eldar to nothing more than a scattered band of dying corsairs. On the planet then known as Sethnor, Viveus is noted for destroying 2 phantom titans and breaching the fortifications of the main Eldar base forcing the alien to evacuate the planet thus setting the stage of the Navy's attack on their Craftworld.

Captain Blackenor 378th Hussars

The name of Blackenor has has become synominous with selfless courage and calculated strategy. During the Liliacae Hearsay Blackenor's Hussars (also known as the Death's Head company) managed a daring night assault up the steep cliffs of Mount Apocolapse.

As dawn broke the rebels, not realizing the impossible feat of Blackenor's men were caught off guard. As battle broke they were driven back against shier own fortified camp until a terrible greater Daemon erupted from their midst.

The battle appeared to sway in favour of the rebels as the terrifying apparition tore through the first few ranks of Blackenor's company. Without a second thought the Captain himself launched himself at the Daemon armed only with a chain sword and satchel charges.

Many eye witnesses remarked upon the strength, and courage of Blackenor as he took on impossible odds. In the end he detonated one of his vortex charges upon himself taking the Daemon into the warp with him.

The anger and grief of his men carried the day as they avenged themselves upon the enemy without quarter.

The 500th Dragoon Company (Armageddon Laurel)

One of the most famous Company is the 500th Dragoon who has served with distinction at almost every notable campaign in the sector. However, they are most famous for accompanying the private mission of Constantine Dukas to Armageddon and although the single action the regiment took place in was a major loss, they were given a hero's welcome and added the Armageddon Laurel to their heraldry of which they wear proudly to this day.

Colonel Hudecki and his 150th Dragoon Company (Khrengrads)

Proudly hailing from the largest Industrial province on the planet Fenn, Khrengrad is the single largest producer of armoured vehicles in the sector. As a result the 150th company prides itself on it's care and skill at armoured operations.

Although raised during the M38 Capital establishment, the 150th has mostly served as home guard. Their opportunity came during the Scylla campaign of M42 where they proved to be a stubborn thorn in the side of the Arthos Eldar.

However, when the war was moved to the desert world of Kali, the company under the leadership of Colonel Hudekci was proven in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Agrippa sector.

Commanding the left wing of one of the major Eldar assaults, Hudecki himself faced down none other that the deviant alien hero, Gwahir Silverhand. His sacrifice managed to prolong the Imperial hold on the planet long enough for High Lord Admiral Kitchener to arrive with reinforcements. Succeeded by Field Colonel Strehn the careful discipline and cool of the Khrengrads have been hailed as the saviors of General Moltke's Kali army.

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