The Agrippa Sector has a strong military tradition as old as the sector itself. On the front lines of any conflict in the sector stand the men and women of the Imperial Guard. Their proud track record in serving inside and outside the sector is a testament to the loyalty of Agrippa as an arm of Imperial might.

The Structure of the Guard Edit

Regiments that make up the Agrippa Sector Imperial Guard are given one of three category designations. These are:

  • Capital establishment
  • Provincial establishment
  • Foreign establishment

Each one is operated by its own administrative staff who works with the Lord General Militant 's staff on equipment supply and infrastructure.

The Capital Establishment Edit

The Capital Establishment is the regular corps of the Agrippa Sector Imperial Guard. These regiments are the sector’s standing front line troops who receive the best training and equipment directly from the office of the Lord General Militant .

Beating orders for Capital regiments are not given out lightly, due to the expense of raising and equipping such a body. Many planets don’t even have one Capital established regiment although almost every regiment formed under a Great House will have a Capital designation. In most cases, Capital regiments are raised from long standing Provincial regiments that have proven their worth in numerous campaigns. As a result, Capital regiments boast some of the sectors oldest regimental histories.

The Provincial Establishment Edit

The Provincial Establishment covers all PDF and fencible regiments that are raised on the numerous worlds across the sector. Any planetary governor can raise a provincial regiment. Provincial forces are often raised at the expense of the planet itself, making the prospect costly, especially since all Imperial Guard forces, including Provincial regiments are under the supreme command of the Lord General Militant and are garrisoned at his discretion.

The Foreign Establishment Edit

The Foreign establishment covers any regiment that comes from the outside and is garrisoned in the sector by order of Terra. These regiments draw on the Office of the Lord General Militant during their stay in the sector who in turn, administers supply and maintenance of these forces by working with their place of origin. The 1st Rho Expeditionary force and Cadian 122nd Shock Troops are prime examples of several regiments on the Agrippa Foreign establishment.

Special Services Edit

In addition to the numerous regiments serving in the sector there are a variety of special services that are related to the Imperial guard such as the Agrippa Sector Mounted Police and the SNS and ISNS special forces of the Imperial Navy

List of Notable Regiments serving in Agrippa Edit

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