Woodhull Mounted Rifles

Statistical Information

Recruitment Zone: Tarleton, Fort Dukas

Beating Order: Amalgamated into the Dukas Legion 419001 M42

No. of Active Companies: na

No. of Battalions: na

Class: Capital Establishment

Commanding Officer: Colonel Tarleton

Dukas Legion Colours

Post Amalgamation Battle Honours:

Litha (Gibsum's Waaagh)

Arthos (Scylla Crusade)

Kali (Scylla Crusade)

Battle of the Pyramids (Scylla Crusade)

Kali-Amyaans (Scylla Crusade)

Amun Tower (Kali Liberation)

General Background

Originally raised on Fort Dukas for the 17th Agrippa War, these are the original House Dukas retainers and have the longest and proudest regimental history in the Dukas systems. Their history is complicated by the fact that in M.39, the regiment was split when the Adeptes Arbites took over control of the Dukas Mounted Police (which had been C Squadron of the Woodhull Mounted Rifles, often called the "Dukas Mounted Police) and transferred them to Imperial Adeptes Arbites service. At that time, the remaining three squadrons were also placed on Imperial Service, but as Imperial Guard troops. The two organizations have enjoyed a close relationship ever since, and many ASMP troopers are recruited from the WMR veterans.

The WMR are one of the few Agrippa regiments that regularly serve outside the Sector and even across the Imperium. WMR detachments have served in the Cadian Gate, throughout the Gothic Sector, in the Armageddon Campaign, and beyond. Although not quite so well known as the Forestport Rangers (because of their smaller detachments and more limited battlefield role) there are few large conflicts where the WMR have not served. (Captain Wilfred Mac Ray and Lieutenant Rory Orksbane of the WMR both served as volunteers in the Ultramarine reconquest after the appearance of the first Hive Fleet. They were on leave at the time.)

Woodhull was originally a small town on Fort Dukas. However, with the continued settlement of WMR veterans on Dukas 102 (a marginal world) the system eventually came to be known as Woodhull, and is now the regiment's base.

The regiment's most famous member was Commissar Alex MacRay, who led detachments through the second Armageddon Campaign and then on to Scylla. He was recently killed in action on Kali. He was the first member of the WMR in over one hundred years to win the Order of the Gothic Star, and he received an oak leaf cluster (third award) posthumously for his services on Kali. His youngest brother Larans, currently serving in the 122nd Storm trooper regiment will soon take his place in the WMR.

WMR personnel continue to serve the Emperor in many detachments throughout Imperial Space. In addition, a full squadron supports the Dukas legion. Those pictured here are veterans of "C" Squadron on Kali. This is the last picture of Commissar MacRay alive. Many of the WMR used local beasts as remounts until more horses could be supplied.

The Woodhull Mounted Rifles form one of the divisions within the Dukas Legion.

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