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Time Imperial History Agrippa Sector History
9,000 BC Building of the Sphinx, Great Pyramids. Birth of the Emperor
8,000 BC Birth of Khorne, Tzeentch, and Nurgle
750 BC-314 AD Roman Empire With the ancient Spear talisman of Annas, Gaius Cassius unwittingly fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel, unleashing the Spear of Destiny's true power which was dormant since the Emperor had last touched it. Cassius is blessed with the eternal curse and later becomes known as the Chaos Lord Longinus
732AD Frankish warlord Karl Martel realises the power of the Spear in victory over the massed Arabs at Poitiers.
1400? Eldar learn the secrets of warp technology from the Slann
1400? Old Slann culture dies out. Slann warn the Eldar of the Fall Rare published mention of the Spear and the Sword in an ancient text, the Praecepta Militaria of Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas
1939 AD Ancient industrial warlord rockets to power with the aid of Chaos Gods. Attempts to use the Spear for world domination. A gross misunderstanding of it's power causes the attempt to fail. Longinus Cassius hides the spear and becomes its keeper.
2011 (0.11.M03) Beginning of Second Epoch.
100.M03 Mars Terraformed.
200.M03 Mars Settled
M04 Warp Discovered
M16 Humanity begins to colonize nearby solar systems using primitive sub-light spacecraft. At first progress is slow and the new colonies must survive as independent units isolated from Earth by up to ten generations of travel. The period of the next ten thousand years is known as the Dark Age of Technology.
M21 Keeper Cripias records this as the end of the Golden Age. The Golden Race of Men become depended on the Stone Race of Men and their artifices, as such the Stone Men prevail. Sometime within the next 5,000 years the Men of Stone create the Iron Men to help in the building of their Empire.
M21 Humanity explores and settles the galaxy following the discovery of warp drives allowing more rapid dispersion, first alien races encountered. All done in less than 1000 years.
M21 Navigator gene isolated, Navigators are powerful psykers able to pilot ships through the warp, and so warp travel becomes even faster. Navigator families and cartels become powerful political entities. The Expansion of Humanity covers most of the galaxy, Standard Template Construct (STC) system is perfected to aid new colonies. Titans are developed for rapid land movement. Humans arrive in the Agrippa Sector and begin colonizing planets.
M21 Squat history begins with the Age of Founding. The mining colonies of the Home Worlds are in constant contact with Terra and the Squats show no distinction from normal Humans.