Y'ros Lillithan, Hearthseeker of the Anthenae Edit

In a career spanning centuries, as Eldar pirate, Admiral, and former leader of the Anthenae, Lillithan has fought throughout the Agrippa Sector. His attempt to run the Imperial blockade of the Hibernia sector is legendary for its folly, but his alliance with the Imperium has often been praised for saving the sector during the subsequent chaos invasion.

His hatred of chaos is intense and well documented. During the panic sparked by the loss of Fort Lougheed, Lillithan refused to enter into any alliance with forces of chaos. The premature announcement of Anthenae participation in the treaty shattered his truce with the Imperium.

Lillithan has been lost in a brooding, meditative state since the craftworld was crippled by the members of the Yrthis movement. The arrogant, idealistic leader continues to struggle with the betrayal of his world by its own people.

Even the Tau invasion of Aachen failed to rouse him. Indeed, Imperial scholars believe it was not internal strife or damage to their vast ship, but the sudden loss of Lillithan's drive and vision, which most severly limited the Anthenae response.

Though he is known to travel space in his cruiser Yllshalthwae, Lillithan has seldom been seen of late, though whether this bodes well or ill for the frontier worlds of the sector remains to be seen.